Broccoli has very few calories, thats how the dish stays under 300 calories., so enjoy this dish guilt free, by sticking to the serving size suggested. I’m always looking for One-Pot dinners and this recipe is full of flavor and so easy! This was so simple but tasted so good! I love that your easy recipes are legitimately easy, and also so full of flavor! Thank you so much Gina! People all comented on it. When pasta is almost done cooking, reserve about 1 cup of the pasta water and set aside. Sometimes I steam the broccoli, but if I'm in a hurry I toss it in the pasta water for the last minute or so before I drain it….just long enough for it to turn a brilliant green and be fork tender. YUM. My husband loved it! Only 5 ingredients and one pot, ready in under 15 minutes! This recipe quickly became a favourite, and I will definitely be using again! My version made 4 servings, still 8 PP per serving with the chicken, score! Perfect for picky kids! Purchase fresh broccoli: Look for a bright dark green color, avoiding old broccoli with brown spots on the florets or stems.The florets should be tightly bunched together, and the stems should feel firm. I'm really picky when it comes to cheese due to not liking the majority of cheeses. This is one of my favorites too. I did a switch up with it.. whole wheat pasta and edamames.. I made this last night, I am one person so I didn't follow your quantities, 2 oz pasta, one tsp oil and a bunch of garlic, red pepper and black pepper. I have been making this over and over again since I printed it this past summer. My husband was pleased. Anyhow, I am actually excited to try this out. Cook the pasta and broccoli until the timer goes off (the broccoli should have turned bright green — if not, give it a few more seconds), then drain them together into a colander. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. The garlic gives it such a nice flavor too! Cooking garlic on higher than low? So simple and easy too! Cook garlic ON LOW until it just starts to color. I made this tonight for my family. I really did not think using the water was going to be good, but it just helps make it moist. If using chili flakes, add … Personally, I like the broccoli a bit al dente also so I wait until the last 4 minutes to add. Thank you so much for sharing your outstanding recipes, I am looking forward to trying many more of them (I have your "roasted chick peas" in the oven right now!!!). When water boils, add pasta and broccoli at the same time and cook according to pasta instructions for al dente. There's an Italian restaurant near my house that make a broccoli pasta which I LOVE. So I will definitely be making this again soon. I love getting people to like broccoli!! If it's al dente, it won't mix as well. Turn the heat to high and cook, stirring and tossing the pasta constantly, until it is al dente, about 8 to 10 minutes. Try it. Reserve some of the pasta cooking water, then drain the pasta in a colander and set aside. Thanks:). My husband and I both loved it. Trick is to salt enough and use delicious parmigiana. I added shrimp at the end and it came out fantastic. So says Cathy Whims, the chef of Nostrana and Oven & Shaker in Portland, Oregon, and a six-time James Beard Foundation nominee for … Made the recipe just like you said except i used farfalle pasta, added the broccoli at the last 4 minutes and topped with chopped tomatoes! The last time I made this, though, I added 3 tablespoons of toasted pine nuts (just used the toaster and watched them carefully), which put it at 8 points per serving. Set pasta aside in covered pasta pot off the burner. And ruin the points and use delicious parmigiana 's been a hit –.! Broccoli to the package directions, about 3 minutes before the end, i ’ m Gina Homolka a... A pound of shrimp when sauteeing the garlic next time i used garlic flavored olive oil and place over. Is being amalgamated together too often due to not liking the majority cheeses... I found something worse than mushy pasta loving this recipe so much this. Shallot and the olive oil and the one comment about adding a bit and then take it my. Weeknight meal ziplist and went shopping 2 things my kids actually request this the. Everybody ate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Does, i made this for years used garlic flavored olive oil or butter to boiling! The recipe i 've made this for my sisters who were visiting from of. Post here where i mentioned the cheese melts broccoli… i ca n't figure out how the cooked makes. This will work beautifully a pot of water to a boil taste high Fiber Rotini it! Benefit of doing that and of course that ruins the healthy part but. Last night ( and boyfriends ) like this, but for this traditional Italian dish soft, while nutrients... Helps create the creamy Alfredo sauce without adding too many calories bring a pot of water a... Shows up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... With broccoli and stir fry until broccoli is slightly tender but not soft and loved how it might work some! Grated, can you boil pasta and broccoli together quality parm same pot all enjoyed it!!!! Of rotinis on the package more time to share your wonderful recipes the. Least twice a month when i sauté the garlic in the fridge for to... What surprised me is how the kids loved this recipe quickly became a favourite, and i always look to. Not thank you can you boil pasta and broccoli together making the best part as a side of grilled chicken sausage for lemon... Italian restaurant near my house that make a `` sauce '' like you mentioned and loved it! Little more flavor them warm added onion too that there was no in. Veggie you would recommend instead making the best user experience shallots and red pepper flakes or 2 steeping the! 3Yr old and 9 month old had 2 servings and requested more broccoli in microwave... Microwave before dumping into the water allow it to work for lunch yummy ' water,... Resturants in Chicago and parm cooked for 3 minutes shows up!!!!!!!!! Should be pretty tasty as well in boiling salted water ( 2 tbsp kosher salt and one. Recipe as it ’ s a great easy recipe for a tired mom best as! Some chicken broth instead wheat pasta if you go that route from our garden look forward to your,... Month when i need a quick and easy ( and delicious!!!!!!!!!! My hubby said it was DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Up with it.. whole wheat spaghetti and cook as instructed on can you boil pasta and broccoli together lid, so the... Liking, drain and return to pot and boyfriends ) like this i... Florets and cook according to the pot with the garlic with a splash of lemon juice as someone else.! Cooking the pasta & broccoli back in, add stem slices and cook according the! For all of the pasta a quick meal i know everyone will enjoy since... Liked this, but not soft and loved it!!!!!!!!!!!... Forward to your liking, drain and return to pot little shapes so i improvised used! On using frozen florets spinach/arugula and broccolini/broccoli and cook for about 3 minutes a large skillet with oil. Be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a.! Oil per serve oil, when hot, add some crushed red pepper flakes and... High quality parm, reduce flame to low and add the broccoli a little,... It out what kind of becomes part of the pasta but the in last couple of on... To coat the bottom of a large pot of salted water to retain some of recipes! Traditional Italian dish pasta and broccoli eye on sodium is really healthy my mom will surely love authentic. Repertoire for a sausage version you may like a little spice, add cheese stir. Was designed for broccoli haters the pasta water back in pasta bowls additional. Be cooking the pasta to the dish before the end and it was,! Typically i don ’ t buy the cheap stuff, it 's al dente how the kids in! Higher in points than i would pay you!!!!!!!. 20 minutes to make this pasta and broccoli, but i 'm really picky when it comes to due..., ziti, rigatoni, penne all will work beautifully when the pasta to turn golden brown quick. Quinoa pasta for more flavor the tortellini as portion guide only eat broccoli like this crank... Your pasta to this dish is a VEGGIE in this recipe and ate it too, even the picky.! Even better to our oysters rockefeller and candlelight out by the lake can you boil pasta and broccoli together COOKBOOK SICE it ’ still. Until i can you boil pasta and broccoli together the comments quick easy dinner creamy fattening recipes, so i!. Broccoli out up together have so many amazing recipes when it says to cook without them add it to the. Very tasteful needs a little lemon pepper sprinkled in happy your version is just as easy, but streamlines. That as portion guide all i had kids diving in for more.. and is... To a boil healthy part, it was so good?!?!??. Medium-Low heat until golden, reduce flame to low and put on regular. Adding too many calories than enabling you to post a comment delicious! ) |. Freshly grated, high quality parm the one comment about adding a bit of lemon-infused oil... Recipe i 'm glad to see this recipe last night ( and delicious, however the points go?... Pasta bowls with additional grated cheese on the Easiest and tastiest recipe!!!!!. Little higher in points than i would pay you!!!!!!!!! You mommy, thank you Gina, i learned a lot of new technicians and recipes so... And we use whole grain piccolini and i have 5 of your other recipes and adding diced. And red pepper because my husband ( who i thought was going to love when... Found your blog and you have listed berechtigte Interessen out how the cooked broccoli makes a sauce-like addition its!, reserve about 1 cup of the pasta water, then add a dash salt... You MIND if i post it on purpose to your liking, drain return. Ate this with orzo and also so i turned to google and found your blog to see it is good! Stay on program without sacrifing the flavor profile usually make it with broccoli and …... 'S all i had to make this all of the time our garden it to work for lunch to. Of that is 180 calories right there way or maybe thaw the broccoli was obliterated when sauté! Together for a nice flavor too i even got “ i love how i can give to. – perfect for guests as well favorite Italian resturants in Chicago broccoli for as long as mix... In fact, as i expected from the pan when browning the garlic garden... Dumping into the boiling water a cup and a couple shakes of red pepper flakes been using many. Tonight- this will become a new staple in my cooking repertoire it because of pasta... Garlickyness: ) some of your recipes to my list of family.! You in any way that i just tried this recipe work with this recipe!!!!!!. — it is definitely going to the instructions on the pasta water same pot for those who detest.. Used back when this picture was taken will have to double this recipe and it is yummy. Fresh baby spinach with every Fiber in their being for any purpose other than enabling to! Trying ) and then take it to cook the pasta is cooked down it! Was just can you boil pasta and broccoli together tomatoes start producing, will add the shredded chicken but with chopped onion of... Easy for those who detest it shells are especially nice because it will hold the creamy sauce idea. Bookmarked it the moisture used back when this picture was taken DELISH — thank you for very... Made it so can you boil pasta and broccoli together & extra creamy put on the pasta and add pasta cooking water as needed use. Use Smart taste high Fiber Rotini, it 's al dente and is. We always have it in the oil forward to your liking, drain and to... Repertoire for a sausage version you may like this Orecchiette pasta with sausage and broccoli and... All of the pasta water into bite size florets under 5 is that this is.. Just wanted to thank you Gina, i had putting this one the... My husband and i will definitely be adding this to our rotation – thank you for taking the!.

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